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Jean Cannon is an artist, illustrator, and art educator living in Burlington, Vermont. She has been drawing and painting since childhood and has exhibited her work widely over the past ten years in Vermont and New York. Her paintings range in size from miniatures to large murals and theater backdrops. She enjoys collaborative projects and commissions as much as she does working on her own.  Current shows of her new work during the month of May in Vermont are at three galleries: The Brandon Artists Giuld, The Valley Arts Foundation, The Emile Gruppe Gallery and the Bryan Memorial Gallery.  Check the events page on this site for details.


Two Leaves Broken Eggs Green Shutter


Artist Statement
"Currently I paint in both watercolor and acrylic. My work travels back and forth through personal interpretations of the natural world to curious statements from the subconscious. In terms of the landscape or interior, I tend to favor the close-up view or the odd angle. I may add something rom my imagination to an existing view.  I strive for the somewhat mysterious."