I have been traveling in 2017.  While on the road, I keep small sketch journals. I experiment with both materials and subject matter in these small books. On this page is a digital reproduction of my Costa Rica sketchbook.  It was a small book: 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2 “.   Materials used in the sketchbook are pencils, fine point markers, watercolor pencils and watercolors.

I have been drawing and painting since childhood and have exhibited my work widely over the past fifteen years in Vermont, Connecticut and New York, and Massachusetts. My paintings range in size from miniatures to large murals and theater backdrops. I enjoy collaborative projects and commissions as much as I do working on my own.


Artist Statement
“I am experienced in a variety of media. My work travels back and forth through personal interpretations of the natural world to curious statements from the subconscious. In terms of the landscape or interior, I tend to favor the close-up view or the odd angle.

I also paint from my imagination, synthesizing images from memory or making a stab at the profound, the mysterious, the ethereal,  These paintings often express the intertwining or interconnectedness of people and the natural environment.

I do paint recognizable, representational images, but I don’t consider myself to be a “realist”. Even when I work directly from the living image, my paintings retain  a sense of ambiguity and playfulness of color.”