VISUAL CULTURES: ART OF THE NON-WESTERN WORLD: Community College of Vermont, An online class beginning September 5, 2023.  This is a 3 credit,15 week course covering Islamic; Indian and Southeast Asian; African; Oceanic; and Pre-Columbian North, Central and South American Art.   For more information or to register go to or call 802-654-0505.

DRAWING 1: Community College of Vermont. This is a 15-week, 3 credit in-person class beginning September 7, 2023. It meets Thursdays, 11:45 -2:30 pm at the Winooski campus. This class focuses on basic drawing skills using pencil, charcoal and ink. We will work with landscape,  architectural, figurative, and still life subjects. For more information or to register, go to or call 802-654-0505.